What is an Annuity Income Rider?

What is an Annuity Income Rider?

Should You Buy Universal Life Insurance?

Universal Life Insurance combines permanent life coverage and a tax-deferred savings account into one policy. The cash value grows tax-deferred at a fixed interest rate. A part of the money you pay as premiums are deposited into the policy’s account.

Compare Online To Get The Best Investment Deal

The good thing about an online investment plan is that you will be able to get the best investment plan by comparing the options provided by different companies. Applying for an investment plan on the internet greatly reduces the hassle involved and choose the one that suits your requirement.

Reasons to Carry Life Insurance

It is unpleasant to think of death, but we shouldn’t overlook the possibility of losing our life unexpectedly and the consequences that it may have on our families. The death of a relative is a heartbreaking event and it can also be financially disastrous. If you are the breadwinner, you need life insurance to secure your family’s financial future.

The Best Option For A 401K Rollover

Is an index annuity good for a 401K rollover? Absolutely, it is one of your best options. It is very easy to do a direct transfer from the 401k custodian. It takes about 10-15 days and there are no income tax ramifications. Most 401k programs invest in mutual funds. Most of these funds are invested in the stock market and that means these funds are at risk for declines in the market. Recently, the markets have improved but in 5 years before that, 401k investors lost almost 50% of their assets. To recover from a 50% loss, the market must go up 100% just to get back even.

Should You Use Life Insurance As an Investment?

You would get the insurance cover and maturity amount along with bonuses. But bonuses do not get paid as and when they are declared. Rather, they get accumulated without accruing any interest on the accumulated amounts. With this insurance policy, you lose out on interest rates.

Documents Required to Process The Death Claim

Deaths are often unexpected events that separate us from the rest of our family. But the death of an insured individual will certainly provide some financial benefits to the family in the form of death claims. The nominee/claimant should know the policy and the procedure in order to claim the insurance.

Life Insurance For Children: Good or Bad?

If you are a parent supporting a young family it’s pretty much a no brainer you will want to spring for a life insurance policy for yourself and your spouse. What’s not so certain is if a life insurance policy is appropriate for your children. Many parents are torn between deciding if it’s even the right thing to do for their child. Some policy holders add a small rider for their children, usually just enough to cover a burial expense. Is that enough?

Is Buying Life Insurance Online Safe?

In our modern world we relay more and more on online services. It is common today to shop online for everything from music to groceries. You just can’t beat the commodity of clicking on something and then receiving it at your door!

What Is Whole Life Insurance and Why Do I Need It?

We can’t predict our own death and although it is something unpleasant to think of, we must ask ourselves: “What will it happen with my family after I’m gone? Will they manage without me?” Questions like these can keep you up at night.

How Can Life Insurance Help You Pay for College?

Many people are unaware that life insurance can be used to save money for a college education. Although a 529 savings plan is more popular, an insurance policy can offer more benefits. Probably the biggest advantage when saving for college with a life coverage policy is that you can pay for your children’s education and get life coverage at the same time!

How to Find Affordable Life Insurance If You Are a Smoker

A smoker pays more for insurance than a non-smoker. This is due to the number of dangerous diseases and illnesses that are caused or related to nicotine. Although not always the rule, a smoker is expected to have health problems and live a shorter life.

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