Stan The Annuity Man Sings The 12 Days Of Annuities

Stan The Annuity Man Sings The 12 Days Of Annuities

Repent or Research – Choice Is Yours

It is said that “Ignorance is bliss”. This applies to your insurance portfolio as well. There are millions of people who have bought irrelevant life insurance policies for themselves and they realize it after several years.

An Insured Retirement Plan: How It Can Guarantee a Lifetime Income

You don’t need to risk your money in the stock market to assure that you have enough resources for a comfortable retirement. Surprisingly enough, various life insurance products can guarantee you a retirement income and reduce the risk that you will lose money.

The Advantage of Independent Life Insurance Brokers

With so many options available on the Canadian market for Life insurance, getting good advice and sifting through the details can be challenging. When seeking life insurance, an independent life insurance broker will provide you with some major advantages that you may find very helpful.

What Is Level Term Life Insurance Exactly?

Level term life insurance is a simple form of insurance, easily understood, popular and with lower premiums. One of the most common type of life insurance is a policy that will pay if your death happens within a certain period of time. This is known as term life insurance.

Questioning Another Wall Street “Truth

Many personal finance “experts” say you should never buy an annuity using an IRA. This is not necessarily true.

Don’t Buy an Annuity As an Investment

Many people confuse annuities with investments. They then tell you not to “invest” in annuities. These people simply do not understand what an annuity is.

Retirees Need Life Insurance, Too

Retirees may find good uses for life insurance. These might include providing a surviving spouse enough money for unexpected needs and assuring you can leave a bequest to your children or grandchaldren.

Uncover Hidden Money From Your Insurance

There are many ways to find extra money. One of the most overlooked is your insurance policy.

Why Is Life Insurance So Important?

This article is a story about a close friend. The story describes her illness and how I was able to help her through Life Insurance.

End of Life Planning – Insurance to Cover the Final Costs

Who pays when you die? If you haven’t made provisions, there will be debt hanging over someone’s head for the privilege of having you around… Don’t make that your children. Pick up the tab and provide coverage for those last and final decisions.

Risk Management in a Life Insurance Company – An Overview

Risk management is a well known concept in life insurance and many of its basic principles are as old as the insurance industry itself. The majority of companies already have some form of risk management process in place. However, in recent years, there has been significant progress in developing and formalizing these processes and even in using them for regulatory purpose.

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