Lump Sum vs. Annuity Pension – Which one is better for you?

Lump Sum vs. Annuity Pension – Which one is better for you?

Find Out What’s Best For You: Term Life or Final Expense

Picking the life insurance option that is best for your family can be a difficult task. Life is unpredictable, and so, picking the right coverage for your family can be hard to do. So how do you know what coverage option is right for you and your family?

Life Insurance for Diabetics – Type 1 and Type 2

So you have Diabetes? You have either had it for years, or you just found out and might be freaking out a little. When it comes to Life Insurance for Diabetics and Diabetes, you still have options!

How to Reduce the Premiums of Your Current Life Insurance Policy

When you buy a policy, you have to pay fixed premiums at a regular rate. However, the policy’s rates can be changed to suit your new needs. You can ask for an reevaluation of your policy in the hopes that you will get a better deal.

Factors Affecting Term Life Insurance Estimates

Several factors influence term life insurance estimates. When you understand these factors, you can think of ways to lower overall cost of the policy.

Which Is Right for You: Term Life or Mortgage Protection?

When considering life insurance options, it is important to go through the benefits of different options, examining which coverage best suits your family’s needs. Being presented with so many coverage options from a variety of carriers can be incredibly overwhelming, especially when you do not know where to start or what kind of protections you need.

Why Should the Single Non-Parent Consider Life-Insurance?

Most of us think about life insurance as a means to help replace lost income from our death. This income is especially important for dependents such as spouses and children who will suffer without its replacement. That said, why should a single person who does not have any children consider purchasing life insurance? Well, first of all no one knows their own destiny. If you are 45 and never plan to marry you could meet the person of your dreams and start a family five or ten years down the road. You just never know.

How to Get Life Insurance When You Are Retired

If you have a life insurance policy, your beneficiaries will receive a benefit, paid by the insurer after you pass away. Generally, life coverage is purchased to financially secure you family if you die. However, a policy can be used for other things as well!

Basic Facts About Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance facts can help people decide whether to purchase the policy. It is important to understand advantages and limitations before purchasing.

How to Acquire Life Insurance Quotes

Getting to select the right kind of life insurance policy from various quotes can be a taxing process. There are several forums online where you can fill in form to receive highly competitive life insurance quotes from a wide network of local agents.

Term Life Insurance Rates for Seniors

Term life insurance policy can be bought be elderly citizens in their 60’s or early seventies. There are a lot of benefits to buying a comprehensive term life insurance package for seniors.

The Benefits of No Medical Life Insurance

Obtaining life insurance becomes very easy when you purchase a no medical policy. These policies do not require medical tests. But, there are some limitations. Life insurance is an extremely essential safety net that you provide for your family. Although very important, it comes with certain hassles, the biggest among them being medical examinations. In order to ensure that you are in good health and to be convinced that you are not a “high risk” customer, you need to undergo a battery of test. If you want to avoid these examinations, you can opt for no medical life insurance.

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