End of the Year Retirement Portfolio Contribution Check Up

End of the Year Retirement Portfolio Contribution Check Up

Why Students Need Life Insurance Too

As the cost of higher education rises, families turn to loans to send their children to college. Shock statistics from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau state that as of the end of last year, outstanding student loan debt was more than $1 trillion. Are you the parent of a college-going child?

Provide Your Child With the Ultimate Protection: Life Insurance

June 1st is International Day for Protection of Children. Do you have life insurance to ensure the protection of your kids?

Single Dads Need Life Insurance!

Single fathers are everything to their children: nurse, teacher, cook and of course playmate. They also carry the burden of providing for their children financially and earning the money they need to survive. How can you as a single dad protect your children against the day that you are no longer able to provide for them?

Parenting and the Need for Life Insurance

Parent? Do you have the life insurance your family needs?

Deciding the Right Term Insurance for You

The amount of life insurance cover you go for is a very important decision you will make. Inadequate life insurance defeats the purpose of going for it. When you are calculating your insurance needs keep in mind the liabilities you have.

Ignoring A Life Insurance Cover Could Be Fatal – Check Why

Ignoring the need to buy life insurance cover can put your family into big financial problems. Find the answers to common myths about life insurance policy. Also, check some of the important reasons for which people should buy a life insurance cover.

How to Find a Life Insurance Company

Many people wonder how to go about choosing a life insurance company. In truth, there are several factors that can determine one’s decisions to pick one company over another.

What is an Annuity?

Annuity Definition and How They Work – Life annuities are confusing for most people. There are many different types and all are basically the same thing: a product where an insurer makes payments to the insured for the term of their life. The seller is also known as the issuer.

Life Insurance: Back to Basics

This article is a brief write up about the life insurance industry and how it forms part of your crucial financial planning, how it is applied in the reality of this world, and just how the common masses always dismiss the important factor of having an insurance policy. What do we know about insurance? Is it just a common stigma in a normal person’s life? Can it really save our family, and doesn’t it contradict the word death coverage, when we would already be dead, how good, or of use to our loved ones?

Why You Should Invest in Life Insurance Now

There are many investment products out there, bonds, mutual funds, stocks and shares, you name it. There is however another mode where one would oversee. Ever heard of the term “invest in yourself”? That would usually apply for you investing in knowledge, true. But in this context, it literally means: “invest in thyself”. As the great Li Ka Shing said before: “The best investment is to buy a million dollar policy on your child when he is born”.

Make Sure You Do These Five Things When Buying Life Insurance

You’ve made the move mentally. You are ready to do something selfless and get some life insurance to provide security for your family in the event of your early exit. Congratulations, as you are one of too few that are addressing this critical need.

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