Do You Even Need an Annuity? The Annuity Man Live Q&A – March 2022

Do You Even Need an Annuity? The Annuity Man Live Q&A - March 2022

The Purpose of Life Insurance for Your Funeral

Life insurance for your funeral helps a great deal in protecting loved ones from the financial burden associated with funeral costs. The funeral insurance will give you the opportunity to plan to avoid leaving your family with bills they cannot afford to settle during a difficult time. Therefore, it is important to find a company that specializes in funeral insurance – where you get to speak to experienced consultants who possess the necessary knowledge about the industry.

Did You Know Annuities Could Cost Your Family in Taxes?

About ninety four percent of people who have an annuity do not use the cash value themselves; they leave the annuity to their beneficiaries when they pass away. This is a great gift for your family, but most people are not aware that their beneficiaries will have to pay income tax on the money they receive from the annuity. The income taxes are based on the beneficiary’s tax bracket, and can be quite a large percentage of the annuity.

Ways of Finding Affordable Life Insurance for Senior Citizens

It is important to consider buying an affordable life insurance for senior citizens. As you do your shopping, one of the factors to consider when choosing insurance is the cost. The cost varies depending on the age and health status of the applicant.

Explaining How Term Life Insurance Premiums Are Set

Term life insurance rates are based on several factors involving the named insured. This article explains how term life insurance rates are set.

Mistakes Made When Choosing Senior Citizens’ Life Insurance

Many senior citizens are finally coming to terms with the importance of purchasing an affordable life insurance policy. They fully understand the benefits derived from a policy can be used to cater for burial expenses, living expenses, college education, mortgages among other uses. However, to get competitive rates, seniors are advised to shop around just like they would not consider buying a car or house without undertaking some comparison shopping.

Reasons for Choosing Funeral Life Insurance

It is natural for humans to avoid thinking about their death. However, death is the only guarantee a human being has in life. Although people do not have to dwell on the subject every moment of their life, they need to set aside some time to plan, for their own benefit and that of their loved ones.

The Importance of Choosing Insurance to Cover Funeral Costs

Funeral cover is not a new concept. This is a type of insurance that pays out death benefits to cater for the final expenses, including the cost of the funeral. The funeral insurance plan is also referred to as the burial insurance.

The Right Seniors’ Policy Is Recommended Highly – Find Out Why

What is the first thing to come to mind after you retire? When most people retire, they often feel that the need for life insurance has diminished. Their children could have left home and they could have paid all their debts.

Benefits of the No-Medical Exam Life Insurance

Purchasing life insurance at any stage in your life is an important financial decision that ensures policyholders and their beneficiaries receive a lump sum that can be used for various uses when the policy ends. Unfortunately, most people undermine the significance of insurance. As a result, they end up leaving their family members to struggle with unforeseen financial emergencies.

Benefits of the Life Insurance Without Medical Examination

There are many reasons why people shop for life insurance without medical examination. One of the reasons could be that they are not healthy. Furthermore, they could be lacking funds or time to undertake the tests required for medical exams.

Reasons for Purchasing the No-Medical Exam Term Life Insurance

It is very important to consider purchasing life insurance. However, choosing between the different insurance options can prove challenging. Finding the right policy has the capacity of saving you some substantial amount of money.

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