CBDC – Central Bank Digital Currency: Shootin’ It Straight with Stan

CBDC - Central Bank Digital Currency: Shootin' It Straight with Stan

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Seniors’ Life Insurance

When you are shopping for life insurance, you have to know that your needs are different from the needs of someone else. It is not realistic to assume that you will pay the same policy amount as your friend or neighbor will when you have completely different lifestyles. Many people make mistakes when buying seniors’ life insurance because they do not consider their needs when buying the policy.

Plan For Your Retirement Stage

Aging is more of a phenomenon to some people than a real life experience. People never know it when it hits them. Years run like the wind.

Who Needs A Single Premium Immediate Fixed Annuity?

When retirement finally arrives, you’ll have to choose just how you’ll generate your retirement income. How much Social Security and pension income you have along with how much you’ve accumulated in savings and your risk tolerance together determines which way is best for you.

3 Disadvantages Of Not Having Insurance Cover

More people are getting insured today more than ever, and this could be as a result of the high level of insecurity in most places, regardless of the location. Insurance covers have been scrutinized for years and people have different opinions on insurance; some have it, some do not, some cannot afford it, and of course-some just do not believe in it. Due to high competition, there are several types of packages, with some being very affordable, each suitable for individuals with different needs and income levels.

Whole Life Insurance Policy: What It Means And What To Expect

Sometimes these terms are a bit confusing. When it comes to life insurances, there are basically two kinds; term and whole life. The latter means that the policy is in effect as long as the premiums are being paid and the individual is still alive.

Why Take Up A Whole Life Insurance Policy? Things You Need To Know

Would it not be wonderful that your kin will be able to cater for themselves even after the breadwinner is gone? Would it not be a source of joy for them when they are able to continue with their lives knowing that you had their wellbeing in mind while you were alive? These are some of the questions as a parent you ask yourself when you want to invest in your children.

Finding The Best Life Term Insurance: What To Look Out For

Insurance agents are known to be forward and at times a bit annoying by their persistence when they are selling you that insurance cover. At times, they use the words and charisma to show the beauty and perfection, which is their product. If you would compare two agents from different firms selling the same product, you would be convinced beyond any doubt that both are what you need.

Smoking And Life Insurance: The Oxymoron That Can Actually Work

Since the introduction of tobacco smoking in the 17th century and despite the health hazards this practice has, it has become a norm and even to some a way of life. In the essence of not sounding discriminative, smokers are also allowed to enjoy their life and have an insurance cover that will also cater for their needs. However, unlike non-smokers, there are some requirements that you have to attain and some are depicted below.

Term Life Insurance: Advantages And Cost Implications

Term life insurance has two major purposes: Replace the family’s earning power and provide liquid assets. The essence of this is to ensure that your loved ones continue to live comfortably even after the breadwinner dies. This futuristic solution is very cost effective, affordable and workable depending on your current income.

Age Is Nothing: Why You Should Take An Insurance In Your Prime

As people get older, they worry about what their life is going to become and whether they are going to remain as relevant as they were when they were young. These worries are compounded by the fact that growing old is associated with getting nearer to your grave. All of a sudden, you have a lot to worry about and you need to make sure that your family is shielded from your frail body and health as well as having an inheritance for them.

Relaxing The Rules: The Benefits Of Life Insurance Without A Medical Exam

For a long time, insurance has been a reserve for the rich as companies stuck to the old method of making money by targeting high value customers. This has worked for them for a long time until the recession hit and before that the rich vs. poor gap became wider with the poor people becoming more than the rich.

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