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Biscuits & Annuities - Shootin' It Straight with Stan

My Job Offers Me Life Insurance, Isn’t That Enough?

Often times an employer will offer you life insurance with your benefit package at a very low price. However, there is often times a need for a life insurance policy outside of your employers offering. Hopefully this article will help you decide if you need further life insurance in addition to your work policy.

Top Reasons Why We Need Life Insurance

We need to have life insurance. That seems to be an established fact, that it is absolutely one of those things that we need to have in life. But is it really necessary for us to have life insurance? Do we really need to have it and is it as essential as people are making it out to be? That’s a very good question right there since most of the people that you know seems to have life insurance. So it is probably normal that you are also considering getting yourself insured. But perhaps we’ll need to define it properly first.

Uninsurable – Are You Really?

Many times I hear from prospects that have been declined life insurance due to a poor health history. While often we are able to help these clients with substandard ratings locate suitable coverage though the proper channels and due diligence, there is a new option I have recently heard of. Typically, the best way to place insurance on those individuals that are completely uninsurable is with a guaranteed issue policy.

The Basics of Insurance Policies

Most people are unaware most insurance policies are different. An auto insurance policy is different from a life insurance policy and a life insurance policy will be different from a long-term care or disability policy. While this can be confusing for someone interested in purchasing multiple insurance policies, the good news is that all of them share a few common items. Once you understand what they are you should be able to comprehend your insurance policy, no matter what type of insurance it is.

Regulated and None Regulated Insurance

The difference between regulated and none regulated insurance in simple terms and in regard to Life insurance products. Regulated: A person organising this type of Insurance must be qualified (Diploma of Financial Planning) and meet educational and ongoing requirements set out through ASIC Regulatory guide 146. The adviser must work within the “know your client” legislation, this means the adviser must take into account your current situation and future plans and then advise you on the best type and amount of insurance to suit those needs.

Stranger Than Fiction: Bizarre, Real-Life Insurance Policies

Welcome to the weirdest of the weird – strange insurance policies that you would have to read to believe. For many special circumstances, insurance coverage extends far beyond cut and dried homeowner’s, renter’s, and auto insurance to include policies like:

Ideas to Consider Before Buying That Life Insurance Policy

If you are not a professional life insurance advisor deciphering the differences in all of the life insurance products out there can be difficult and time consuming. There is no shortage of information on life insurance available on the internet today. The information is not always clear. Part of my job is to help people determine how much insurance they need, and how long they need it for. This at times can be easier said than done.

Do I Need a Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Policy?

Guaranteed issue life insurance would allow you to protect your loved ones in case of death, even if your health situation or advanced age prevents you from obtaining a regular life insurance policy. This article will help you to decide if guaranteed issue life insurance is right for you.

Knowing Your Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance is life insurance that is available for your use until your death – no matter when that is. Unlike term insurance, there is no ending period or termination date for your policy. Many times, permanent life insurance is also called ‘cash value’ life insurance because the premiums you pay are for ‘pure’ coverage and any associated expenses, with the remainder of your balance in a cash value account managed by the insurance company.

High Risk Life Insurance Is a Safe Bet

Wondering whether you can get insurance if you’ve ever had cancer or diabetes or a DUI? You can, it’s called high risk insurance and a broker who specializes in getting those high risk applicants approved is who you should consult with before applying to any specific insurance companies. Knowing the ins and outs of the insurance industry and each companies underwriting can ensure that you get the best rates and more importantly, that you get approved.

Should You Consider Level Term Life Insurance?

Level Term Life Insurance is considered to be the most popular type of cover policy that people avail of. It is purchased to safeguard the financial well-being of your family. This plan is available from most insurance companies at varying rates, of course.

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