Best Fixed Annuity Rates 2021

Best Fixed Annuity Rates 2021

Who Should Have Life Insurance and Why?

The article provides some examples about who should have life insurance, including how and why it will help. It also briefly explains that one of the advantages is the availability of tax-free cash to the beneficiary(ies) of the deceased or the insured person while alive.

Life Insurance Buying Strategy

The article provides a glimpse of why people buy life insurance. It offers an example of a husband and wife and suggests how and why someone should consider the amount of insurance they should buy. It also suggests at least one strategy for what types of insurance should be purchased.

Some Facts About Permanent Life Insurance

The article provides some facts about permanent life insurance. It gives a brief description of the most common types. It also provides a brief description of the benefits.

Facts About Term Life Insurance

The article compares term life insurance to a lease. It provides some facts and real-life scenarios about dealing with term insurance. It implies that term insurance has its place but it may or may not be someone’s best option and it definitely is not their only option.

The Best Time To Buy Life Insurance

The article addresses common excuses/reasons why not to buy life insurance. It points out that unless someone is guaranteed to live and be healthy and alive another day, or if they are getting younger, the best time to buy is now–right now.

Is Food More Than What We Put In Our Mouths?

The article is about the notion that food is more than what we eat. It’s what we consume however it’s consumed. It’s also about honesty and truth as well as it’s about knowing what should be done, whether or not it’s done.

Understanding Life Insurance Underwriting

The article describes the 3 main underwriting methods used by life insurance companies. It explains what they mean and how they’re issued.

What Does Fulfillment Mean To You?

The article examines the meaning of the word fulfillment. It is about fulfilling one’s responsibility to oneself, one’s family, and/or one’s business. The fulfillment of that responsibility is to provide readily accessible, tax-free or tax-favored cash whether one dies too soon or lives too long.

Life Insurance Quotes?

An explanation of how insurance companies price life insurance. Also how the word “quote” may often be misleading.

Will Your Retirement Be Fun?

This article is about preparing for one’s after-work years. Life insurance and safe money planning are vital tools to assure that the fun never stops. It’s not about sacrificing today’s fun for tomorrow’s fun. It’s about doing what needs to be done in order enjoy life now as well as later.

Term or Permanent Life Insurance – The Debate Continues

People often argue about which life insurance is better or best: Term or permanent. The reality is they both have a place. It’s not about which product is better or best. It’s about which product is better or best for a particular situation.

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