Annuity PIG (Portfolio Income Guarantees) – Shootin’ It Straight with Stan

Annuity PIG (Portfolio Income Guarantees)  - Shootin' It Straight with Stan

Could Your Life Insurance Company Fail?

You get a life insurance policy because you want your family to be financially secure after your sudden demise. However, what if the insurance company fails? There are various strict regulations and guidelines for the insurance industry in India that makes it almost impossible for an insurance company to go bust.

Life Insurance – The Promise We Made

Life insurance goes beyond a transaction with a trusted insurance agent and a monthly cost. Many people in America buy life insurance. When they are approved, they stick the policy certificate in the filing cabinet and forget about it. Most of us, subconsciously, think we are immortal and we will live a full life and pass on due to old age. One defining moment in time can change all of that, all in a flash.

Know Differences Before You Buy Life Insurance

If you’re like most Americans, you aren’t very confident about what to ask for when shopping for life insurance. Besides the major questions like, “How much should I get?”, or “What kind of insurance is right for me?”, there are a few other things you ought to ask any company you’re considering for your insurance needs.

Explain Term Life Insurance and Its Various Important Aspects

Life insurance policies are predominantly of two kinds – term life insurance and whole life insurance. In this article, the various aspects associated with term life insurance are explained. Typically, term life insurance is offered for a fixed term rather than till the end of life. If the policy holder dies within the coverage term, his beneficiaries receive the full policy amount. The premiums are low and fixed for the entire term. One of the most important benefits of term life insurance is that the policy holder receives a higher level of financial freedom to manage his investments. Since premiums are low, the policy holder saves money and can use it for other investments. Also, the death benefits received on term life policies are not taxable. The only disadvantage of these policies is that they offer no cash value on premiums. In other words, your investment does not grow with time. Whole life insurance, on the other hand, builds cash value. However, the cash value you receive is counted as income and is taxable. It can be renewed after the end of the term. You can also convert it to whole life policy.

Best Life Insurance For 30 Year Old – What Are The Factors You Should Compare?

A person in his thirties is at a phase when he experiences the responsibilities of sustaining a family. Majority of men and women are married in their thirties. Most of them also have small children. So, the need for life insurance is very profound. If you are in your thirties and don’t already have insurance, you should buy yourself one. This phase is the best time to purchase the best life insurance for 30 year old.

Analyzing Low Cost Term Life Insurance Quote for Pros and Cons

Analyzing term life insurance quotes can help you find the most affordable deal. As with all financial concessions, such as with cheaper term life plans, there will be compromises to be made with the amount and the types of coverage offered. Here are the pros and cons of low cost term life insurance.

What Are You Doing With Your Tax Refund?

Have you ever thought of investing your tax refund check into something that is guaranteed to pay out? Life insurance gets more expensive every year you wait to get started. Use part of your refund check to get a policy in effect this year and you can guarantee your insurability before it’s too late.

Life Insurance to Avoid

Many people are confused over what types of life insurance exist or what each type of life insurance means in terms of coverage, premiums and benefits. And if you have dependents who would be financially devastated if you died prematurely it’s really about the true need for a life insurance policy anyway. But there are policies you might want to think twice about, since they really don’t seem to have much of a purpose.

How Much Does It Cost to Die?

Funeral expenses are one of the last things that we need to take care of. Dying is not free! Your coffin, burial services and your grave cost money.

Term or Whole Life Insurance

What is the best life insurance policy? This is one of the first questions we ask before buying life coverage. Many people have to choose between a term and whole policy.

The Pros and Cons of Return of Premium Life Insurance

Return of Premium life insurance is a type of temporary life coverage that returns the premiums paid, if the insurer survives the policy’s term. Some consider it better than regular term life insurance, because you get all your money back. Many people feel cheated at the end of their term life policy.

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