093 John Lenz Clip: The Future of Indexed Annuities With Laddering

093 John Lenz Clip: The Future of Indexed Annuities With Laddering

Hurricane Sandy Increases Life Insurance Awareness

Things happen at a moments notice. Take a look at the destruction of Hurricane Sandy. With certain things in life, we do not have a second chance. Everyday, people are so busy. They put things off that do not produce immediate pain. This decision could be life or death, literally. If you were to lose household income due to the loss of a loved one, how would you maintain your family’s standard of living?

The Term Insurance Trap

Many people look to term life insurance to protect their loved ones in the event of a premature death. This is with good reason, but it’s important to understand what takes place during a term life insurance policy’s tenure. It’s incredibly important to weigh the pros and cons before purchasing any life insurance policy.

Why Critical Illness Insurance Should Be Considered As a Key Piece in Your Financial Plan

Many people never give proper thought to what might happen to their family’s financial future if they get sick. Yes, we are fortunate to have free health care in Canada but there are still many financial responsibilities that don’t go away if we are diagnosed with a critical illness. A critical illness insurance policy is an excellent way for most people to emerge from this hardship with out significant financial problems.

Buying Tips For Cheap Life Insurance

Not all people are knowledgeable about the benefits of getting a life insurance. Some people might think that it’s not necessary to have one but the truth is, it’s essential to purchase one to secure your family’s future.

Understand The Suicide Clause In A Life Insurance Policy

A policy holder who feels like he is down in the dumps would be tempted to take his own life only to leave his loved ones a considerable amount of money from a life insurance policy. Suicide of a family member is one of the most disheartening situations any family can encounter. This incident could also complicate the process of claiming the life insurance benefits.

Comparing Different Types Of Life Insurance: Whole Life Versus Term

Securing your finances for your family’s future needs is the best way to safeguard them in case something happened unexpectedly. But be sure to do enough research on the kind of policies you would provide your family before signing up for your insurance policy. Talk to an agent to better understand the policies and ask for whole life insurance quotations to have a better idea of how much the cost of the coverage will be.

Step By Step Guide On How To Obtain Life Insurance

One of the primary motives why people acquire a life insurance policy is the assurance that their dependents will get a prearranged sum of money in the event of their death. Getting a policy is crucial especially if you are the main source of income in your household or family.

Americans With Pre-Existing Health Conditions Don’t Have Life Insurance

According to a new report from Genworth Financial, a large number of Americans with common, pre-existing conditions don’t have life insurance.┬áIt is believed that the lack of insurance coverage is due to an inaccurate belief that because of their health issues insurance would be expensive, as well as their doubts over their insurability.

Can Diabetics Get Life Insurance? With Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes?

Life Insurance for Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetics is possible. I can assist you to find Term or Whole life insurance plans. I even have carriers that offer No Medical Exam plans for those who qualify!

How to Get Life Insurance for Disabled People?

Why should a person get life insurance? There is an ongoing debate about getting one. Life insurance is important to invest in especially if the insured has dependents. Dependents are people who rely on his income; and in the event that the insured should pass, the dependents will be provided for.

Life Insurance Coverage and It’s Advantages

Life Insurance has become one of the necessities for a person who wishes to give his family a safe and secure life even after their soul rests in peace. The insurance policy is a commitment made by an insurance company to pay to its nominee a specific amount if the policy purchaser dies during the term of the policy. You make sure that your family is left with a lump sum of money for financial protection.

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