091 Leah Brandt Clip: It’s Your Money and We Keep It That Way

091 Leah Brandt Clip: It’s Your Money and We Keep It That Way

Life Insurance For Seniors Over Age 75

Being over age 75 seems to prompt seniors to revisit their insurance needs. What plans are available? Should you do no exam and go for the full blown underwriting process? What happens if there are health issues? These most common questions will be answered below.

Why People May Select No Exam Life Insurance and Probably Should Not

As no exam life insurance became more popular, expediency may have created a need to just get life insurance done fast and as simply as possible. Although, it can serve a great purpose, no exam life insurance is not always the best choice even if you are in a hurry to get a policy. Read on…

Life Insurance Policies That Offer Cash Value

Because of the increased benefits offered by cash-value life insurance policies their premiums are usually higher than those of term policies. Cash-value policies offer the ability to use a portion of the policy similarly to a savings account. You may borrow against it, invest part of it or even withdraw a portion to meet your current needs. Premiums begin at a higher rate but increase more slowly than those of term policies.

How To Protect Yourself And Your Family If You Die

Life insurance is a simple concept – you buy a policy that pays to your beneficiary or beneficiaries tax-free when you die. However, deciding what kind life insurance to buy how much you need and how much you’ll pay for it are extremely complex.

5 Life Insurance Myths

Life insurance is not a simple product. Even the simplest policies have many components that need a good understanding. Many people are misinformed about the reality of life coverage.

Does Your Baby Really Need Life Insurance?

Among the many things people have to consider when deciding on life insurance coverage is one very common aspect: whether or not to get life insurance for newborn children. And the argument can be tempting if you look at some of the advertising which surrounds it. What parent wouldn’t want to start helping their child financially right from the start, and with extremely affordable rates to boot?

Do the Cheapest Term Life Insurance Rates Offer Optimum Coverage?

All that is cheap is not always bad. When it comes to the cheapest term life insurance rates, you may be surprised to know the kind of coverage offered. As this is a more practical means of insuring yourself for a specific term, term life rates are lower and are often used to offer security during times of financial importance.

Affordable Family Life Insurance – Why You Should Not Go Without It

Affordable family life insurance gives you the financial freedom to own a protective cover for your family. The importance of such a cover cannot be disputed. The questions remain as to how much coverage to opt for and for which term do you need to be covered, but here is a guide to the general benefits:

$50,000 Term Life Insurance – Is It Worthwhile?

Term insurance is a policy that gets you coverage for a fixed term. The term can be from 5 years to 40 years. You can also choose the policy amount depending on your convenience and requirements. One of the options you have is a term life insurance policy for $50,000. The policy money is low, you get good coverage and premiums tend to be low as well. However, is this insured amount worthwhile? Here is a brief discussion.

Comparing 5, 10 And 20 Year Rates With 15 Year Term Life Insurance Rates

15 year term life insurance rates are reasonable, affordable and get you good cover. They are often popular among families to protect children financially up to their independence and for homeowners who wish to protect their mortgage repayments. Here is an overview of how to choose among 5, 10, 15 and 20 year terms.

5 Advantages of Cheap Term Life Insurance for Seniors

There are several benefits attached to cheap term life insurance for senior citizens which can really help in times of crisis. Not only are these policies affordable, but they offer even the elderly a chance of financial security right up to the end of their lives.

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