089 Mr. FIA-X Clip: What’s New In The Annuity Industry

089 Mr. FIA-X Clip: What's New In The Annuity Industry

Needing Life Insurance for Parents?

Life insurance is something that is quite necessary in this day and age, and the reasons are not always as obvious as what everyone sees. Sometimes these reasons are so farfetched that few would ever consider them, and yet they seem to happen an alarming number of times. This then bolsters the reason for getting life insurance even more, including the lesser done Life Insurance For Parents which has quite a bit of necessity behind it if you know where to look. This piece will help by highlighting the crucial aspects and the most common reasons for why it is needed.

Participating Whole Life Insurance As an Alternative Asset

The Participating (Par) whole life insurance has emerged as a high growth asset class. Its comparison is drawn to fixed income investments like Government Bonds. Before making an analysis about this investment, it might be a good idea to underscore three key characteristics of a solid investment: 1-Of course, the first key factor is the rate of return on any investment.

Numerous Insurance Providers – Who Is The Right One?

Getting good services is something you should treasure, especially these days when people are looking to make money through all the means that they possibly can. This means that there are people out there claiming to be professionals, while in fact, they do not have the required qualifications to provide the goods or services that they claim to offer, and this is the same case with insurance. Falling prey to unscrupulous people can be a very discouraging thing, since you might never know whether they will help your family members when you are gone or…

Seniors Life Insurance – Do You Know Why You Are Paying So Much For It?

Without a doubt, life insurance is one of the most important considerations that an individual should make, especially if he or she is the breadwinner. Life insurance is a sign of love, especially to the people who will be left behind in the event that an individual dies, because there are numerous financial obligations that result from the occurrence. Although life insurance will not bring a deceased back to life to comfort the family and friends, at least it will take care of all the hospital and funeral bills incurred, in addition to helping the family to…

Unclaimed Benefits Slip Through The Cracks

Thousands and thousands of dollars of life insurance benefits are floating around unclaimed every year. The difficulty facing many beneficiaries is many don’t even know there are benefits they are entitled to. With the point of your life insurance policy being to take care of your loved ones after your passing or in time of accident or illness you can take action to make sure their benefits don’t go unclaimed.

What’s The Deal With No Exam Life Insurance?

Every potential insurance customer will, at some point, be faced with a very important decision: should they buy regular life insurance or a no exam insurance policy? It’s crucial you get your facts straight and make an informed decision when opting for an insurance package. Why?

The Three Best Life Insurance Policies on the Market

The insurance business has evolved and hanged over the years. Now, there are many types of life coverage you can choose from. Just to name a few: whole life, term life, return of premium, universal life, guaranteed issue, final expenses and many other variations.

Life Insurance Policies That Pay for Retirement

Money during retirement can be a problem. It is best to have as many sources as income. Some life insurance policies can become very profitable after you retire.

3 Ways to Get Life Insurance Even If You Are Ineligible for Coverage

People who suffer or suffered from a terminal illness have a hard time finding life insurance. If you are in poor health, insurance agencies may consider you ineligible for coverage. It is very hard to pass for a traditional policy, since the medical examination will show any diseases you have.

Buying Life Insurance for Your Parents

Buying life insurance for your parents is not a pleasant experience, but it can help cover their funeral costs and remaining debt. It can also be a good way for your parents to leave you an inheritance or offer you some financial support. How does it work?

You Have No Excuse – Get Life Insurance As Soon As You Can

When some people hear of life insurance, they think that it is just a get-rich-quick scheme of a particular insurance company; but they could not be further from the truth. Unlike most of the risks that people get insurance for, life insurance covers a risk that must occur – everyone will have to die at some point. This insurance comes in to help those people who you will leave behind, especially if you are the breadwinner.

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