087 Jason Fichtner Clip: The Key to Social Security & Retirement

087 Jason Fichtner Clip: The Key to Social Security & Retirement

Can People With Disabilities Get Life Insurance?

There are many types of disabilities and although all make life extremely difficult, some do not stop you from getting life insurance. Your chances of being eligible for coverage depends on the type of disability you suffer from. Like any business, insurance agencies are interested in making a profit.

5 Things People Think About Life Insurance That Are Wrong

Since many families survive on two salaries, life insurance is now a necessity. Dying without carrying coverage will leave your family in a though financial situation, especially if you had a mortgage loan and other debt. Although it is very important, people don’t know too much about life insurance and their misconceptions prevent them from buying a good policy.

Life Insurance – Can It Be an Investment?

We all know that life insurance is very important for the financial safety of any family. Carrying life coverage means that your dependents will be able to support themselves even if you are not alive anymore to provide for them. But can you use a life insurance policy to gain money, as an investment opportunity?

Insurance: Greater Risk Can Lead to Greater Rewards

For decades, Americans have opted for insurance policies that gradually build up modest cash values. Over a period of years, enough value can be accumulated for a modest loan against the insurance policy or, in a dire emergency, can be cashed in. While convenient, building up cash is not always the best way to increase the value of your insurance policy.

How to Use Life Insurance for Tax and Estate Planning

When the time comes for us to leave this earth, it is important for us to ensure that our assets are passed on to our loved ones. We may go about obtaining Free Life Insurance Quotes, just so that we can do our part for the family members that are left behind.

Life Insurance and Charitable Giving

Life insurance is usually purchased to benefit the heirs of the insured. But policies can also be used to gift a larger amount of money to a favorite charity than would normally be possible. There are several ways to accomplish this, each with advantages and disadvantages.

Planning Your Future With an Over-60 Life Insurance Policy

All over the world, life insurance is more likely to cost the least when purchased at a time when the shopper is young. It is possible to qualify for any policy because at a young age, people are usually in their healthiest state. When people become older, they normally experience difficulty qualifying for coverage.

Tips on Buying Life Insurance

Two questions need to get answered for better understanding, as follows: What is insurance? To Insure or Not to Insure?

Making a Good Investment by Choosing the Right Insurance Cover

The insurance business is not just one that is out to make money, but one that makes people have a better and a more secure future. Making the important decision of buying life cover can be considered to be one of the best decisions an individual can make for the future of his family. It must be understood that death occurs when it is least expected.

The Benefits of the Burial Insurance Cover

Placing one’s affairs in the right perspective by pre-planning funeral arrangements is important. It helps to generate a feeling of peace in ones mind as well as feelings of accomplishment. As a shopper, you are probably considering to buy insurance plan to cater for the final expenses and particularly for burial costs.

Tips To Consider Before Getting a Health Insurance Cover

Diseases and sicknesses can cause stress in a family. When a member of a family is sick, whether at home or admitted in the hospital, joy ceases to be part of that home. The costs incurred during treatment can be so high, especially if one is admitted.

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