078 Wade Pfau Clip: Managing Your Life Insurance And Annuity Strategies with Risk Pooling

078 Wade Pfau Clip: Managing Your Life Insurance And Annuity Strategies with Risk Pooling

Benefits of Getting Long Term Care in Your Senior Years

There comes a time in life when tasks that are easy to do become increasingly difficult. As people age they need help in different areas of their life. Sometimes, it may be due to age related disabilities, injury or other issues; but it usually means that they have to depend on others more.

Is Life Insurance for the Elderly Really Necessary?

Many people argue that life insurance for seniors is not a necessity. There are differing opinions on this point, with many people suggesting that by the time the individual reaches a certain age, they are not likely to have people depending on them for finances. While this might be true to some extent, it is important to remember that people are living longer after retirement and that means the need for money to meet daily expenses continues for longer.

Debunking Common Life Insurance Myths

The insurance industry is rife with misunderstanding and confusion, and many people will readily admit that they do not know much about life insurance even though they have a policy. Trying to understand this vital service is not made easier by the falsehoods that are often propagated as truths. It is important to debunk some of the myths out there so that you can understand how to get the best coverage.

How to Avoid Being Buried Under Funeral Expenses

The cost of funeral arrangements has shot up in the last decade and many families are finding it difficult to cope when they lose a loved one. Between trying to give their loved one a fitting send-off and trying to meet the bills, many are being forced to borrow money during this tragic time. Like everything else, dying has become too expensive!

Taking Up Insurance For The Elderly

All life is precious, and that is why it is important to respect and take care of the ones you love. You cannot put a price tag to the life of a person. However, you can apply for an insurance policy instead, which is a good sign that you care The insurance policy can cover almost anyone, actually everyone, both young and old.

Should You Choose Funeral Insurance Over Life Insurance

Choosing the right insurance is very important as it helps to ensure that you get the coverage that you need. Insurance providers are constantly coming up with new plans to cater for the different needs. One fairly recent plan is funeral or burial insurance.

Tips To Help You Overcome Medical Testing Anxiety

Many people do not think much about getting a medical exam and even with the discomfort of getting their blood drawn, they nevertheless get through it without much fear. On the other hand, there are those who break into a cold sweat at the mere thought of visiting a doctor’s office. If thinking about the flimsy gown, cold exam room and weird -looking medical equipment is more than you can bear, you suffer from medical testing anxiety.

Benefits of the Whole Life Insurance Policy

When you get in touch with an expert insurance adviser who has your best interest in mind, you will soon discover you need insurance for many reasons including protecting your family, dependents, legacy and business. Although insurance premiums ought to be the least likely consideration when buying insurance many insurance shoppers seek to find out the average price of insurance. However, a single number cannot provide the price of insurance because variables such as health, age, type of insurance and face value affect the premiums.

Effective Ways of Selling Life Insurance Policy

It is one thing to buy an insurance cover, but it is another to do the sales. If you are involved in the business of selling some life insurance policies, you need to gain some understanding on what it takes to be successful in the insurance industry. You need to become an independent agent who is in control of the important aspects of selling, setting appointments and lead purchasing.

Situations Where Life Insurance Would Help

If you have thought life insurance is an additional expense you cannot afford, it is time to reconsider. Even if you are single, you may need to think again. When making your application you need to avoid mistakes because this has the capacity of negatively affecting the lives of your survivors.

Reasons for Choosing the No Medical Exam Life Insurance Policy

For those who have not seen their doctor in more than two years, they may not know whether their lab work will be normal or not. Insurance companies are getting people who claim to be the perfect image of good health, which has not necessitated a doctor’s visit for the last several years. When some of these people end up visiting their doctor, they are shocked to learn that they have elevated cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure and more.

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