074 Kerry Pechter Clip: The Truth Behind Annuity Liabilities

074 Kerry Pechter Clip: The Truth Behind Annuity Liabilities

Circumstances That Render Life Insurance Irrelevant In Your 60s

Life insurance is fundamental for everyone. It is a way of taking control of the possible future problems now. At your 60s, you will feel more at peace when you look back at some of your life’s major accomplishments and the insurance policies you have for you loved ones, assets and other valuable things.

Types of Whole Life Insurance Products

Whole life insurance is a policy that provides coverage over the entire life of the policyholder. Many of the insurance shoppers consider this type of policy expensive. However, when you shop around you stand to find a whole life insurance quote that caters for your budget.

Why Common Citizens May Need Million Dollar Life Insurance

Like many ordinary citizens, you may be aware that you need life insurance but you may also think that a million dollar insurance policy is too much. Nevertheless, if the way things are going currently is any indication, families may actually need a million dollar life insurance to cover just their basic needs. According to the latest statistics, the average cost of homes in the US is $152,000, the average childcare cost is $15,000, the average cost of college tuition in a private university is $30,000, the average cost of funerals is $9,000, and the average debt holder in the…

Living A Smooth Life From Your Early 50s

When you clock fifty, the stark reality that you are approaching the last stage of life becomes more vivid. In many occasions, this is the moment retirement rings a tingling bell in your head. Many things hit back at you making you to pause for a moment to look at what you have done with your life over all the years you have been around the earth.

Characteristics of the Whole Life Insurance Policy

Whole life insurance offers a great investment. It can give an adequate source of funds when you retire. Financial experts recommend this type of policy because you can borrow today against your policy.

Benefits Life Insurance With No Medical Exam

Traditional (medically underwritten) life insurance policies require the insurance applicant to have a medical exam. The medical examination enables the insurance provider to know the applicant’s health and risk status. This goes a long way in helping the provider to set the premiums payable.

Top Medical Conditions That Will Influence Your Life Insurance Ratings

If you want to apply for a traditional life policy, you are certainly aware that some medical conditions can increase your premium rates significantly. What you might not know is what these conditions are, and what you can do about them. Here is a list of some of the top medical conditions that will affect your term life insurance ratings, and what you can do about them: Heart disease Unbelievably, heart disease tops the list of the medical conditions that will increase your life insurance ratings significantly.

Life Insurance With Or Without Medical Exam – Which Is Best For You?

By now, you should be aware that you do not have to go through the exhausting underwriting process of purchasing life insurance, which is full of paperwork and plenty of medical tests. Most insurance companies have a system of assessing the eligibility and risk of giving a life cover to an applicant that involves a thorough medical examination. Nevertheless, this is not your only option when purchasing a life cover.

Learn To Purchase Term Life Insurance With No Medical Exam

Certainly, term life insurance with no medical exam may seem appealing to you if you hate the time consuming underwriting process of a regular policy, with strange doctors poking and probing you, and an eager agent grilling you. You may also find this kind of life policy attractive if you know you are not very healthy, and a lab work may reveal certain conditions that will cause you to pay higher premiums or lead to a decline altogether. Nevertheless, this kind of policy, while lucrative may not be for everyone.

Crossing Over To A Safer Side With Life Insurance

If you carry out a survey in your local precinct, you will find that more people prefer doing things while on the safer side. A few, however, will be willing to take the risk. Now, definitions for the word risk vary among individuals.

Long-Term Objectives That Influence Your Life Positively

Eating well, having adequate rest, exercising and staying positive are some of the fundamental factors that many counselors, therapists and other professionals recommend for a healthy lifestyle. Better yet, you can make personal decisions that can influence your life likewise and enable you to spend the last phase of it reaping and enjoying the fruits of your labor in peace, optimism and warm companionship from your loved ones. Before you get there, you have to look at the elements that will facilitate your progress daily.

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