070 John Olsen Clip: Structuring Your Dream Lifetime Income Stream

070 John Olsen Clip: Structuring Your Dream Lifetime Income Stream

Understanding the Value of Life Insurance Amidst All The Confusion

Are you a risk taker? Not having life insurance could be the biggest risk you’ll ever take. Here’s why…

Avoid These Six Common Life Insurance Mistakes

Life insurance is one of the most important components of any individual’s financial plan. However there is lot of misunderstanding about life insurance, mainly due to the way life insurance products have been sold over the years in India. We have discussed some common mistakes insurance buyers should avoid when buying insurance policies.

Using Life Insurance to Pay Estate Tax – Without Tying Up Cash in Premiums

Estates worth more than $10 million pay Federal Estate Tax at 40%. Life insurance is available to pay, what could be millions of dollars of tax. However, premiums are costly too. Families would rather that money stay invested. This article explains a transaction where premiums are easily affordable because a good team has a good design.

Should You Keep Paying Life Insurance Premiums During Retirement?

Should Life Insurance policy premiums be continued by folks facing or in retirement? Reducing cash outlays may not be worth what you give up. While grown children are gone, others, like you surviving spouse may still depend on you. Values you built up over the years might be put to good use, instead of going to the Life Insurance company because you lapse. In this article we talk about how best to deal with premiums during a person’s retirement years.

Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana – A Senior Citizen’s Pension Scheme by the Indian Govt – Its Features

VARISHTHA PENSION BIMA YOJANA (VPBY) was a Government subsidized scheme announced for Indian Citizens aged 55 years and above, in the Union Budget 2003-04 (Atal Vajpayeeji’s tenure). Now, this plan will be re-launched by the current central government.

Living Benefits – Insurance You Do Not Have to Die to Use

Imagine waking up in a hospital; not knowing where you are. Your spouse is by your bed and tells you about the horrible accident. Even though there is a good prognosis, you face expenses and loss of income. “Living Benefits” can provide needed support when you have a medical emergency. This is a relatively new benefit in Life Insurance being offered by excellent companies. If you don’t have it you need to check if you can get it. There is usually no extra cost.

Do Both Spouses in a Family Need Life Insurance?

There are many important financial decisions which every person has to make. One of them is how to provide for the wellbeing of your loved ones in case the worst happens with you. Life insurance is one of the most effective tools for protecting your family financially. If you are married, it is natural to ask yourself whether both you and your spouse should get covered. Here you will find information and advice which will help you to find the answer.

Who Can Benefit From Life Insurance in Retirement?

Families with children and couples saving for their retirement years find life insurance to be an extremely effective tool for financial protection. But how about people who have already retired? Do you need such a cover during this stage of your life? Find out when it can be highly useful.

A Guide To Shopping For Life Insurance

Life insurance isn’t the topic of many dinner table conversations. While this is true, it’s important that you know as much as you can about it; there is some excellent advice in this article regarding which type of policy you should choose. Furthermore, there are a lot of people who already have life insurance and want to cut down on the cost of it, this article can help you with that as well. The following article has many economical suggestions to help you get your best deal on the most appropriate policy for you and your life circumstances.

Has the Return On the Cash Value of Whole Life Insurance Been Really Bad?

If you watch financial television shows you have been told that the rate of return on money invested into a whole life insurance policy is awful. Many fee-based financial advisers, whose income depends on managing investors’ portfolios, agree the returns on investment in a whole life insurance contract is poor.What is this poor return compared to and is there any benefit to owning this contract?

Quit Smoking to Save Money on Your Life Insurance Quote

Smoking can result in hidden financial costs. This article provides an explanation of how and why quitting smoking can help to significantly reduce your life insurance premium.

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