069 Mr. FIA-X Clip: Debunking Myths About Buffered Annuities

069 Mr. FIA-X Clip: Debunking Myths About Buffered Annuities

What Is A Safe Investment?

This article defines the term “investment” and explains why a safe-money investment protects against downside risk. It compares risky investments with safe investments.

Life Insurance For Retirement Planning?! Huh?!

This article explains why life insurance can be a valuable tool for use in retirement planning. There are no IRS limitations on contributions, no penalties for early withdrawal, and can be accessed on a tax-favored or tax-free basis. It’s much more than just a tax-free death benefit.

Why Life Cover Is Important

For the lay man, the term life cover signifies, insurance. Ever since the growth of economics, people have understood the value of making sufficient financial arrangements for their family and self. By insurance, one understands a certain amount that is pledged towards a person in case of some life threatening disease or sudden or premature death. The need for life cover arose when suddenly the families had to struggle for daily needs after the earning members death or the entire saving got spent in various medical expenses due to any accident or disease. The basic fundamental behind insurance is safety and security of the person and his family.

Fitness, Life Insurance and Safe Money

This is about the connection among fitness & health, and life insurance, especially permanent life insurance & safe money, particularly fixed and fixed indexed annuities. Fitness and health affect longevity and the ability and need for life insurance & safe money. Longevity affects how and how long life insurance and safe money is utilized.

Annuities Are Not All That Complicated

The concept of annuities is broken into small bite-size, easy to understand chunks of information. The concept is not complicated. Once people understand the basics they can more easily understand the details.

I Have Life Insurance At Work, That’s All I Need

Many people believe free, employer-provided life insurance is enough. There are factors they often overlook. This article explores those factors and why it is important for someone to own his or her policy and to purchase it as early in life as possible.

Taking a Home Loan? Buy Life Insurance Too

Are you planning to buy a home through means of a loan? If yes then you must have a suitable life insurance plan in the first place. Now you would say how home loan relates to life insurance. Well, there is a strong connection between the two.

Mortgage Protection Insurance – Why You Need It

Many people fail to realize that their number one asset is their ability to earn money. It’s important to consider the financial devastation and the financial impact, mainly the ability for their family to continue to live in the family’s home, will do to their family. Protecting your family is too important to not consider Mortgage Protection Insurance.

What’s the Right Life Insurance?

For most people, it isn’t a question of whether to own life insurance, but what kind of coverage is most appropriate for your circumstances. Life insurance is available in a variety of different forms. It helps to understand a few basics, but there is no “one size fits all” solution.

Life Insurance As a Charitable Gift

As of 2010 the statistics show that Canadians donate over $10 billion dollars annually to one of 150,000 registered charities in the country. Although these donations can provide valuable tax deductions, many donors are left wishing that they could do more for the charities that they love and support. Some donors would be wise to consider using their life insurance policies as a more effective means of leveraging the support they intend to provide.

Life Insurance: Smart Returns, Tax Savings

As a well-aware, net savvy professional, you must be conscious of the need of the life insurance coverage you require to secure your family’s financial life. Today, the provisions of the Income Tax Act offer you provisions under which you can buy life insurance coverage, generate returns and save on tax too.

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